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Our Ginger Peach Black Tea offers the delicacy of a juicy peach seasoned with a dash of spicy ginger. Our fresh and flavorful ginger peach iced tea is perfect on thosr warm spring days

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Our fruity blend of berries and citrus all bundled up in a refreshing black tea makes the perfect base for a delicious Iced Mocktail. Enjoy our Strawberry SerendipiTEA

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Build Your Own Blend

Have you always wanted to create your own tea blend or had an idea for a delicious tea but didn't know where to start? Look no further! We have over 70 blends that when blended together create over 200 new and unique teas. Use your creativity and combine any 2 or 3 blends to create something completely new and unique! For Instance, our Mango MajesTEA and Pomegranate RoyalTEA are divinely delicious when combined!

You will be able to choose if you want me to blend your teas behind the scenes and ship them to you or if you want me to blend them LIVE on TikTok and then send them to you! You also have the option to customize the name of your blend making this a creative and fun process!

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